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About TBC Photo Solutions

TBC Photo Solutions is a family-owned real estate photography team. We use our combined skills and over 15 years of experience to do one thing: help you succeed. It’s our goal that you stand head and shoulders above the online competition with gorgeous photographs that make every property look like a buyer’s dream. We use both traditional single exposure photography for a classic and elegant listing, as well as luxurious HDR photography for a sleek, modern look.

Since 2005, TBC Photo Solutions has been offering professional real estate photography in Broward County, Florida. Our services include commercial real estate photography, residential real estate photography, and vacation rental photography. We also create unique virtual tours that help your buyers envision their lives inside the space – a proven method for driving immediate sales. It’s our goal that your property stands out in the market, and we work tirelessly to present the image that suits your brand or needs.

About Thomas Cargill

As the founder of TBC Photo Solutions, Thomas Cargill embodies the skilled artistry and professionalism that we are known for. With over a decade of experience as a professional real estate photographer, Thomas heads up this family-owned operation with a keen eye for what attracts buyers to a space. His unique vision led to our signature twilight photos, making commercial, residential, and vacation properties look magical. Thomas is also the driving force behind our next day photography services, ensuring that you can get your property listed right away for immediate sales.

Our Services

Keep your brand front and center with high-quality real estate photography for commercial, residential, and vacation properties. At TBC Photo Solutions, we combine traditional photography skills with modern techniques to create one-of-a-kind images that stand out from the competition. Learn more about our professional realty photography services by clicking on a property type below.


It’s not enough that TBC has talent and artistic vision; they also have a keen business sense for what it takes to succeed in the South Florida real estate market. The photographer I work with knows exactly which angles to use to make my listings stand out.

Patty Accorto, Keller Williams Realty
I firmly believe that my listings consistently sell quickly because of the beautiful pictures TBC takes. Without their help, the process of finding the right buyer rapidly would be more difficult. This team really knows what they’re doing when it comes to presenting properties as priceless.
Peter Barkin, Barkin Gilman & Associates
I can’t recommend TBC Photo Solutions enough. They single-handedly turn my listings into successes overnight. Hiring them for my virtual tours has been a great way to raise my on-line presence. I would gladly recommend them for all your photographic needs.
Rachel Trinidad, Coldwell Banker